Train your presence and awareness

Mental health is our next public health revolution. It’s already happening in the United States where meditation is the fastest growing health activity. Research shows that we can be a little happier, a little less angry and stressed, more present and more compassionate to oneself and others by meditating. I know this through my own experience and I’m passionate to share it. In order for this to happen, I’m certain that meditation needs to be explained and taught in an simple, pragmatic and accessible way for everyone.

I teach a secular meditation technique, based on mindfulness. It is an exercise in presence and awareness. You don't have to believe in anything, wear special clothes or sit in any particular position. Meditation is about witnessing what’s happening in body and mind, moment after moment with equanimity. Just as we can train our fitness by running, we can train our minds and become more present by meditating. It's a skill and the more you train, the more present you’ll become. Welcome to start meditating!

Meditation for a sustainable workplace

Sickness related to stress has increased more than six-fold in the last eight years in Sweden and mental illness accounts for 46% of all absence of leave at the workplace. I combine my own experiences from working for over 80 hours a week at one of the worlds most awarded PR-agencies and I wish that I had learned to meditate back then. There is no more effective tool for reducing stress. But meditation is not only for those who are extremely stressed but is of benefit to everyone - especially at workplaces when it comes to personal development. Meditation is mental training where we practice to become more present, increase our ability to stay focused and become more conscious. This helps us make wiser choices, be more present and actually feel better at both the workplace and at home.

Meditation and mindfulness Course - 6 weeks

A meditation course with the aim of reducing stress, increasing presence and improving well-being through individual training in meditation and presence. We measure the participants' perceived well-being, concentration and stress before and after the course so that you get a clear result of what the course provides.    



Here you will learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness. Together we go through what meditation is and how it can be implemented in your working life. We work together in a smaller group focusing on learning different meditations that are useful for increasing focus and reducing stress. 


Interactive lecture

What is meditation, why is it good to meditate and how do you do it? These three questions are answered in a lecture where the participants get to explore meditation and we meditate more than we discuss.




About Axel

Axel Wennhall is a meditation coach and teaches meditation to companies, organizations and individuals. He teaches a secularized technique, based on mindfulness and also focuses on helping people create and maintain the habit. Since Axel himself began to meditate, he has made it a daily routine and it has led to a more present, balanced and happier life. His philosophy is that the best knowledge is the one that you experience yourself.

Axel has an bachelor degree in Business and Marketing from Uppsala University and has previously worked as an award-winning communication consultant for seven years at the PR-agencies Prime and Rippler. He was also co-founder of the furniture company Melo.


Axel has the following experience:

  • 3 years coaching in presence and awareness with Bengt Renander

  • Courses in Mindfulness and Mindfulness Self Compassion with Anna Wikfalk at Bara Yoga

  • 10 day silent Vipassana retreat

  • Trained with Mindfulness X, a digital Mindfulness instructor program by Positive Psychology Product

  • Co-founder and coach at Breathe In – meditation and adventure retreats.

  • Founder of “Meditera Mera” Sweden’s first interactive podcast about meditation

Meditera Mera - An interactive podcast about meditation

Meditera Mera Logo.jpg

Meditera Mera is Sweden's first interactive podcast about meditaton made by me and producer Gustav Nord. Together with our guests, we try to answer three questions. What is meditation? Why meditate? But most importantly, how do you do it? In each episode you can also meditate under guidance by the guest or me.

About meditation and charity

Dr. A.T Ariyaratne, also known as the Gandhi of Sri Lanka founded Sarvodaya the largest non-government movement in the country back in 1958. During 60 years, Sarvodaya has been active in over 18,000 villages in Sri Lanka and Dr. A.T Ariyaratne has led tens of thousands of "family gatherings" and meditations with millions of people throughout Sri Lanka and other parts of the world. He has received several international awards such as The Gandhi Peace Prize and sharing international honors with other peace makers such as Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama and he has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


About meditation and stillness

Paul Hurcomb is a spiritual teacher holding retreats and meetings in the UK, Spain and in the Nordics. We speak about the shift from the person to presence and to the self and that meditation is a complete letting go and that we then can start to ask ourselves, who am I?


As your mind is, your life becomes
— Sam Harris